Monday, 24 October 2016

The Reluctant Hero - Chapter 2

He saw the nearly floored pavement raising up to greet him, his speed incontrollable. 
He closed his eyes to let the floor touch him, punch through him. And with a resounding bang, he crushed into the pavement. 

The bricks around his body cracked, dust flying in the air. 
Men and women alike ran away from his body. A few brave souls ran towards him, to help him. 

They ran closer to him, a couple of them calling out for help,a few on their phones and even lesser people calling the police. 

As the dust cleared, they could him out, lying on the floor. 

They ran closer to him,to find ripped clothes and no blood. 
He was stirring, his incredibly muscled body not showing even a sign of impact. 

An ambulance screeched to a halt near his body, shooing away the onlookers. 
They brought stretchers and placed him on it,ever so gently. 
The lack of blood seemed to disturb them, but they cleverly hid it. 
They deduced that he might have internal bleeding and decided that he must be transferred to a hospital. 

And screeching and wailing, they rode towards the nearest hospital in hopes of saving a mans life.  

The Reluctant Hero - Chapter 1

Tossing and turning in his bed, even with the buzzing alarm clock near him. The watch on his wrist blinked red, unable to attract his attention. 

He turned on his bed once more, ignoring what was the hundredth help call he heard. 
Amplified hearing was a pain in the ass sometimes. 

He sat up, taking a look at the clock in the bedside table. It showed half past two. The bright light shining through the window made him realize it was afternoon. 

He got up, quickly going through his morning routine of push-ups, pull-ups and squats. 

He drank some mouthwash, hoping that it would clear up his morning breath. 

Walking out from his home to the balcony, he stared out into the beautiful sun, so bright and powerful. His rays seemed to fill him with warmth, something that he needed desperately. The floors below, seemed to taunt him. 
A lot of memories flashed through him... Memories he never knew could have stayed on for so long. 
It ended... Pausing at the picture of a young woman... A vibrant young woman, smiling, laughing at something. 

And suddenly, he was pushed away from that memory by something powerful. A force too strong, that even he couldn't resist it. 

Enraged by sorrow and feelings unknown, he jumped from the balcony.