Saturday, 5 November 2016

The White Giantess and The Three Dwarf Brothers

Once upon a time, in a land far, far, away, there lived a Giantess in a dense forest. 

Everyone who knew her called her the White Giantess.
It was due to her fondness for white clothes.It also did not hurt that she was fair skinned.
She lived in a huge house that she had built. Not much was known about her, except that everyone feared her.

On the outskirts of this very forest, in a small and tiny town, there lived three dwarf brothers. Named S,R and M by the many villagers after their parents had abandoned them in a cottage, they lived among them as their children. S was the oldest of the three and M the youngest. They did odd jobs for surviving and for their day to day expenses.

One day while out in the forest to gather some wood, young M lost his way. S, calling out for M, found himself going deeper and deeper into the forest.

He finally reached a part of the forest he had never seen before. A beautiful clearing, with trees and shrubs, wild animals and birds and a river.

S, tired beyond measure, took a deep drink from the river to find it to be tasty. He drank more and then found a cozy spot under a tree.
He did not intend to fall asleep, but fall asleep he did.
His snores attracted the attention of the White Giantess, who was nearby.

She came to see who was making such a ruckus, only to find a small man sleeping under the shade of her bonsai tree.

Pitying the small creature, she took him in her tender arms, carrying him over to her very large home.
And all this while, he did not stop snoring. He was so tired that he did not even notice being carried.

He soon woke up, pleasantly surprised to be surrounded by things that were too large.
He saw an eye peer at him from above.

Believing the stories he had heard from the villagers, he tried to run away from her.

She stopped him with a large hand and brought him to eye level.

'Why are you afraid of me?' she asked, her eyes moist.

'You... You're the White Giantess. Everyone told us to be afraid of you', S said, his fear not showing through his bravado.

She laughed, the sound echoing through the house. It was deafening for him, not being used to such large sounds.
Sensing his discomfort, she stopped laughing.
And soon, they were pals. They did not notice the time passing from noon to late noon and then to dusk. And finally they realized that time had gone when the pearly rays of the moon touched his arms.

She dropped him off at the edge of the forest, lest he lose his way again. But this time, she made him promise to come back to her home.

And it was just as he reached the edge of the town that he remembered his brother M.

As he walked towards town, he saw a large crowd near his home. Fearing the worst, he ran towards it, only stopping when he saw angry villagers scowl at him.
Only then did it dawn on him that it was he who had made such a fuss now.

Sheepish, he walked into his home, thanking all the villagers for their love.
His brothers hugged him and cried for a while and then listened in rapt attention as he told them everything about the giantess.
He could see that they were skeptical, but he did not talk about the topic anymore.

And that was that.

But S made it a point to visit her every week under the pretense of collecting wood.

And soon, they were best friends. They shared everything, from her loneliness as being the Sole Giant in the area, to his fear of him and his brothers not finding partners for eternity.

And soon, even without them knowing, they fell in love.

He talked to his brothers about it and they supported him.
But the villagers were afraid for his life and did not want him to take the risk.

They even found a beautiful lady for him to marry from the neighboring village.

But his heart was made up and he fought for her.
She slowly won the trust of the villagers and they accepted her.
And he, at long last, married his true love.

His brothers too married beautiful, capable young women and they all lived happily ever after with their children and grandchildren.