About The Author

Sachin Nath is an Engineering Graduate from BITS Pilani Dubai Campus with a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with a passion for writing and reading.
Ever since he has been a child, he has enjoyed reading with his all time favorites being the Harry Potter series and The Inheritance series. He is also a fan of Paulo Coelho, with his favorite being The Alchemist.
Born and brought up in United Arab Emirates, he is an avid fan of cars and all things cake.
He is currently working as an Electrical Engineer in a Contracting Firm based in Dubai.
His family consists of two very supportive parents and two younger sisters.

He enjoys sleeping, driving, cooking, writing and watching comedy shows. His writing usually takes a personal route, more often that not, touching up on aspects of his daily life. He has been writing since he has been in 12th Standard, but has only recently decided to publish his works in an online platform. He currently writes on The Story Route and Poems By Nath.

His dream is to write and publish a book that is loved by children and adults alike. 

His advice for young writers out there is to not bottle it up. Be brave, embrace the criticisms. Not everything you make will be the best, but it may resonate with someone. And according to him, that is all that a writer needs to look at. 

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